Bill Nye and climate change


So. Let me preface this by saying that I’m a huge fan of Bill Nye.

I am. No apologies.

By now, everyone in ‘Murica has heard about climate change. There is a very small but very vocal minority who disagree with the findings that show quite conclusively that climate change is real.

When Bill Nye is brought up as a voice of reason (and he is), there’s always someone who wants to cast asparagus upon him and his education.

But, why?

I really don’t get it. Just because one does not have a degree in something does not mean that they can’t be an expert in a thing. For example, If I studied birds for, say, twenty something years. I mean in-depth study, not just hey I’m bird watching, you wouldn’t argue that I’d be an expert on birds, right?


So, When Mr. Nye says the things he’s saying, it’s because he is a man of education, and knows how to look critically on evidence put before him, and it’s fair to say he’s put the hours in on studying this particular subject.

You could say he is an expert, right?


So, let’s look at the deniers.

Generally speaking, they are wikipedia scholars at best. Now, some may well be educated, but you have to ask yourself, Who stands to gain by denying climate change?

The answer is pretty simple. Those who would suffer financially if the oil and coal industries were to decline. They’re damned well gonna fight to stay rich. (mega rich, at that) So they hire scientists to cherry pick studies, and so their own studies, which may or may not have dubious information.

So, I ask you: Why argue against a movement that wants to enrich our lives with cleaner, cheaper energy,  more jobs in this potentially world-changing field?

Why do you want us to fall behind the rest of the world? To save a few thousand coal mining jobs? To make sure that endless wars based on lies are fought in the middle east? Well solar, hydro, and wind technologies will provide a lot more jobs than that, and boost our economy, productivity, and give us a better standard of life.

Are you not interested in a better standard of life for everyone?

Even if climate change were not real, which it demonstrably is, it makes no sense to cockblock these new clean(er) energy fields.

Please tell me why. Please. I’m listening.