Working through the pain.



I’m working on (hopefully) the last batch of edits before book two of the NecroNomNomNomicon series goes live. It is mentally exhausting. I’m just glad I have my brother in my corner. Without him, this would be a lot harder. 

He just released the first book in his Names of Power series. Go have a look at he’s giving away the first ten chapters as a teaser. You’ll love it.




I came across an old copy of Dream Park in my garage, and thought I’d pass it to a friend to read, as all good books must travel from reader to reader before finally expiring to weather or broken spines or some other equally horrible fate.

However, in the book, I found this:


Yes, that’s me in the Clifford the Big Red Dog costume (not that you could tell). This was back in, oh, 2004? I worked at a Barnes & Noble at the time, and still do, to this day, consider it to be one of my top three jobs ever.

I mean, what literary nerd worth his salt never fantasized about working in a bookstore or library? I know I did.

And look at me now, a published author (albeit in a small magazine in the UK) reminiscing like an old man over his glory days. (except that I have no glory days of sports to relate, with the exception of LARPing, I suppose. Some people consider that a sport.)

That costume was heavy and unwieldy, and were it not for the battery powered computer fans in the head that made the unbearable heat somewhat less than lethal, I might have expired, like something quite melty. All of that, however, became insignificant when I heard the kids cheering for Clifford  …for me. So I busted out my best moves, and danced and played, and acted along to the book that was read.

That was the best day I had had in a very long time.

One day, when I finally hit the BIG deal for one of my novels, I hope I can sit in that store, In the Irving mall, predictably in Irving, Tx., and sign books for fans. Then it would have come full circle for me.

Hope it’s not too far off.