2018 Book Industry Predictions: Are Indie Authors Losing Their Independence?


It’s great news for the small/indie publisher!

A Writer's Path

by Mark Coker at Smashwords 

Welcome to my annual publishing predictions post where I prognosticate about the future and share my views on the state of the indie nation.

Each year around this time I polish off my imaginary crystal ball and ask it what the heck is going to happen next.

My crystal ball was a bit surly this year. The first thing it told me was, “you don’t want to know.”  Less than helpful.

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Reblogging woes.


When I see a story that deserves reblogging, I usually do it, however, when the author squeezes in advertisements for a service they provide, I won’t do it. I’m not going to promote someone else’s business unless I have used it myself and know they’re on the up and up. My reputation is at stake if I seem to be suggesting a dodgy service/product.

What does that mean? If you want me to advertise your product/service, I need to have used it.

Either way, I don’t care, but I do love to reblog good posts.

Sad, Sad news.


People don’t realize just how much actual bookstores mean to me. Heck I used to work at Barnes and Noble, and I still consider it to be one of my top 3 jobs ever.

Contempt for the Contemptful Reader


A very clear answer to a question many new writers face.

James Harrington's Blog of Geek and Writing

Dear Jim,

I’ve read some of your other posts and was wondering if you had any advice for me. A lot of your other posts have taken stabs at identity politics. I think you and I fall on opposite ends of the spectrum, but I figured I’d give this a shot.

For a long time, I’ve wanted to write a strong lesbian character. Someone I and others like me can relate to. However, since publication, I’ve been getting a lot of critical and downright offensive comments regarding my work. Some of them even come from self-proclaimed homosexuals who say that the character is stereotypical and offensive. I suspect a lot of these people are trolling and would like to expose them as the hateful individuals they are, so I was thinking of writing a blog piece calling them out on their hatred, but I’m worried about potential backlash from doing…

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On The Necessity of Flawed Characters


A good, if obvious read.

A Writer's Path

by Mary Kate Pagano

I’ve gotten super into podcasts in this past year (file under #latetotheparty). Why? I think I thought they were all nonfictional musings on things. I didn’t realize there were a plethora of podcasts out there dissecting my favorite books and TV shows. Now I know, and I listen to them voraciously. And two things have come up recently on said podcasts I wanted to discuss, and relate back to writing.

In particular, flawed characters.

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