So, I’m on day 2 of intermittent fasting (as prep for full fasting afterwards)

not quite as awful as day one, and my blood sugars have dropped by halfish.

Not bad, I say (besides the standing up from my desk 30-odd times to get something to eat, then reminding myself I’m not meant to.

Good (but HANGRY) times.


The Training Video


In the magical community, The Organization protects us from the world in general. Most people think it’s just keeping the pitchforks and torches at bay, but that’s just a small part of it.

It’s a delicate balance between being open with magic, and being in the closet. It’s been general policy to keep secrecy as our highest priority, but our precogs have determined that’s going to change soon. However, that’s not the issue at hand. In the 1920’s A startling discovery was made about the nature of our universe. Normies have had an interesting go at a few ideas like the many world theories, and they’re dead on, for the most part. Here’s the thing: Our reality (and most of the alternate universes) are a thin smudge enveloping (and enveloped by) some other space. Not a big deal, right? Wrong. There are Ancient Ones lurking in there, and they don’t like the fact that our space is a essentially a partition between more other space. They try to tear it down at every chance, by corrupting people on our side and making them open a gate for them. It’s worked for them a few times, but never on a scale large enough to pop our reality like a balloon, and reunite the other spaces.

Unfortunately for us, our minds cant comprehend the nature of these Ancient Ones without going –and this is a technical term– batshit insane. Some of our …weirder mages have had a meeting of the minds and figured out a way to protect ourselves from this encroaching madness.

The decision is that to protect ourselves, we need to become jaded. They discovered that by constant immersion to horrible things, we become desensitized to them. In order to ensure this would happen on the scale we need, a delivery device had to be invented.

So, behind the scenes, we fostered the invention of a technology that would quickly be adopted by the world, one that would mold the minds of everyone who used it, by providing both the stupidly cute, and the most horrific things that could be imagined.

That’s right! We invented the internet!

And it had made huge swaths of the population into jaded trolls who can flat out deny the madness with a simple “Lame shoop”, “Tits or GTFO” or “Seen better”.

So the next time you’re faced with a creeping extradimensional madness, you’ll have us to thank for your sanity. (but you’d better run away!)

So, we’d like to welcome you to the team!

Please report to Mr. Hartwood for your ID’s and if you’re assigned to the Sasquatch sighting assurance squad, your flea powder.

–The Management

11 Things You Should Never Say to a Writer


SO true.

A Writer's Path

by Annie Earnshaw

As you can tell, I was pretty irate while writing this post and I’m not even published yet.  (I have to say “I’m not even published yet” because I’m trying to be positive after writing this excessively salty post).  Putting my personal vendettas aside, here is a comprehensive list of eleven things you should never say to a writer:

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