Back in the saddle!


Well, I’m back on the fast, and I’m working through the TEFL certification course a few bits a day.

I’m hangry, but I know it’ll go away when my body recognizes its feeding time.

I lose some good weight last time, and it didn’t bounce back all the way, so here’s to not being a fat bastard in 2018!





So I have decided to take a TEFL class, as I found one pretty cheap through groupon.

Less than 40$! So even if it doesn’t live up to its claims, I’m not out 1300$ like a lot of other places charge.

That plus my BS = teaching English abroad, so I can save money to pay off these awful school loans.

Plus I can keep writing in my off time, and keep the brand name going.

I hope this works out!

Technical Writing


So I finally have my BS, and I’m applying for Technical Writing positions. It’ll be nice to  have a job that’ll let me not worry about whether I get to eat on a particular day.  The removal of that stress should improve my writing as well. ( I hope!)

Sad, Sad news.


People don’t realize just how much actual bookstores mean to me. Heck I used to work at Barnes and Noble, and I still consider it to be one of my top 3 jobs ever.

Hershey’s Gold



This stuff is the TITS!

I think it’s the best thing they’ve come up with in YEARS, better than the cookies and cream bar with the peppermint bits. It’s that good.

They’re on buy 2 get one free sale right now, and thought I’ll have some tomorrow.


Those got nommed. Properly.

Salt Lake City Comic Con



So its a LOT more expensive to attend a con than I thought. Even splitting the costs three ways is pretty darned expensive (Not including printing the books I’ll need!)


In order to help cover the costs, I’m having a special sale on books one and two of the NecroNomNomNomicon series. Buy both and get free shipping! (and autographs!)

plus 1 in 5 orders will get a little somethin’ somethin’ thrown in.

Please contact me directly on FaceBook for these orders.

my FB ID is Felix.galvan.315