My nation no more.


With the things that have happened this year, I am now forced to re-evaluate how I see myself and my place in the world.

At a Nazi rally, (let’s just call them Nazis, OK? They’re wearing swastikas and everything) in Charlottesville, a domestic terrorist (Yes, even though he’s not brown, shocking, I know.) plowed through a crowd of non-violent protesters, killing one, and injuring many others.

It’s a completely tragic, senseless act of evil. I’ll have words with anyone who says otherwise.

And what does our president have to say? (from his 15 day golfing vacation that isn’t a vacation)  Trump condemned “this egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence on many sides.” Any mention of racism or white supremacy was conspicuously absent.

He also ignored a reporter’s question asking what he has to say to white nationalists who support him, and commit acts of violence.

These Nazis feel empowered by his lack of condemnation over their evil ways.

So that leaves me, a brown man in a country where the white man is increasingly willing to commit horrific deeds to minorities.

Well, we have the eclipse coming up soon, fingers crossed for a zombie apocalypse.



The below link is very related.


Bill Nye and climate change


So. Let me preface this by saying that I’m a huge fan of Bill Nye.

I am. No apologies.

By now, everyone in ‘Murica has heard about climate change. There is a very small but very vocal minority who disagree with the findings that show quite conclusively that climate change is real.

When Bill Nye is brought up as a voice of reason (and he is), there’s always someone who wants to cast asparagus upon him and his education.

But, why?

I really don’t get it. Just because one does not have a degree in something does not mean that they can’t be an expert in a thing. For example, If I studied birds for, say, twenty something years. I mean in-depth study, not just hey I’m bird watching, you wouldn’t argue that I’d be an expert on birds, right?


So, When Mr. Nye says the things he’s saying, it’s because he is a man of education, and knows how to look critically on evidence put before him, and it’s fair to say he’s put the hours in on studying this particular subject.

You could say he is an expert, right?


So, let’s look at the deniers.

Generally speaking, they are wikipedia scholars at best. Now, some may well be educated, but you have to ask yourself, Who stands to gain by denying climate change?

The answer is pretty simple. Those who would suffer financially if the oil and coal industries were to decline. They’re damned well gonna fight to stay rich. (mega rich, at that) So they hire scientists to cherry pick studies, and so their own studies, which may or may not have dubious information.

So, I ask you: Why argue against a movement that wants to enrich our lives with cleaner, cheaper energy,  more jobs in this potentially world-changing field?

Why do you want us to fall behind the rest of the world? To save a few thousand coal mining jobs? To make sure that endless wars based on lies are fought in the middle east? Well solar, hydro, and wind technologies will provide a lot more jobs than that, and boost our economy, productivity, and give us a better standard of life.

Are you not interested in a better standard of life for everyone?

Even if climate change were not real, which it demonstrably is, it makes no sense to cockblock these new clean(er) energy fields.

Please tell me why. Please. I’m listening.



So. Some of you may have read my post a few days ago about good old Nine-a.

I’m so very disappointed.

I’m Brown. Of the bean. A messkin.

Trump has made no effort to hide his distaste for us (but love of taco salads!) And it doesn’t matter to people like Nine-a that my Grandpa came to the ‘murica to fight in WWII for us. He was part of the heroics that made us  great. To her he’s just a damned immigrant (nevermind the fact that unless your a Native American, you’re an immigrant)

Us brown folks had it bad enough, now it’s just going to get worse.

So much worse.

I wish more people had given Johnson a chance.

A good friend of mine, a lovely lady named Charlie , only ever saw those gaffes and not the fact that he is very qualified and actually looks out for the common man. Sorry Charley. We both lose.

Trump is an orange balloon inflated with hate.


So. I’m at my pay-the-bills-but-only-just-barely-and-sometimes-not-even-then job (grocery store cashier) and this old biddy comes through my line, her chest is sporting proudly a vote Trump sticker.

My store has a gas rewards thing, so if you put in your phone number, your purchase goes towards letting you get a discount on gas. So the customer puts in a phone number or swipes a club card, and et voila. points. When they do this, their name comes up on my screen.  This old lady’s name was Nina.


So I repeat her name to her, so she knows that the process worked.

And she gets nasty.

“My name is Nine-a I’m no damned Mexican!  (insert easily forgettable rant including illegal aliens etc.)

Mind you,  Me = Mexican

so, to prevent myself from saying something I’d regret, I said well to be fair, Nina could also (since she’s all white power, clearly) come from Germany or France (and is not uncommon there)

Then she says well “I’m American, not some damned immigrant.”

Does this evil old bitch not know that only the native Americans aren’t immigrants?

This is pretty demonstrative of how Trump supporters act, apparently. I was (un)lucky enough to experience it firsthand.

Yay me.

Common sense?


I find it ironic that the press and politicians have started to cling to the phrase “Common Sense” as a way to influence the ignorant masses.

I think one of a few things:

1) They really have no idea what it means.


b) They know what it means and hope the masses do not.

(Yes, I’m aware I mixed up the list types. I roll like that.)

Common sense, if we look at it objectively, has a specific meaning, and we should break it down to clarify it.

Common. Ok, where are we going with this? Common implies something that everyone should share. However, its true meaning is in that the “common folk” (often called the unwashed masses, or many more disparaging things.) so we move to…

Sense. This implies logic or a feeling of understanding.

so common sense simply means  what the common folk believe is right, which by DEFINITION means what the un/under educated people believe.  This is sort of a backhanded compliment to those who hold these beliefs, if you think about it.

Common sense gun control is neither common nor sensical.  It plays off of the masses fear and lack of education to push for gun control.

What’s Ironic is one of the authors of a big gun control bill, being in a position to propose laws (ostensibly for us) didn’t realize that you could reload magazines. She imagined that once you used them, they’re done. (and heaven forbid that you explain that you can reload spent ammunition!)

This kind of ignorance is infectious. It pushes an ideology down the throats of those who don’t know any better. If you keep telling someone something is right, even when it isn’t, eventually they’ll start believing the lies.

And that’s when they become the truth.

I am a mixture of fury and sadness over this.