Back in the saddle!


Well, I’m back on the fast, and I’m working through the TEFL certification course a few bits a day.

I’m hangry, but I know it’ll go away when my body recognizes its feeding time.

I lose some good weight last time, and it didn’t bounce back all the way, so here’s to not being a fat bastard in 2018!



Hershey’s Gold



This stuff is the TITS!

I think it’s the best thing they’ve come up with in YEARS, better than the cookies and cream bar with the peppermint bits. It’s that good.

They’re on buy 2 get one free sale right now, and thought I’ll have some tomorrow.


Those got nommed. Properly.

I can’t even


So, the day after Halloween, I was working my cashier job, and as usual, after a holiday, you ask did you have a good <INSERT HOLIDAY NAME HERE>?

I had this one old biddy, reply “I hate it and everything about it.”

Curious, I ask, “Did something happen?” because tragedy takes away holidays. My neice killed herself on st. paddy’s day, so that holiday is kind of dead to me. I get it. Really.

But she replies “I hate it because it’s the devils birthday” The utter conviction and faith in her voice was

…breathtakingly stupid.


Sometimes things happen that lower my expectations of humanity.

This was one of them.


Got my side-hustle game on!


So I got a gig working for Evergreen museum doing 2 shows in December, (I’m playing Wilbur Wright!)

If you didn’t know. This is the place that has the Spruce Goose (and it is super impressive in person!)

No actual money,  but memberships for me and the squirt. So we can hit that waterpark!

2 shows in one day = 2 memberships to an awesome museum, with an indoor waterpark and IMAX = totally worth it.

I suppose it’ll look good on a resume?

The Stand-up set


I swear, the day was cursed.

The weather was bad.

All the other comedians pulled out.

The venue owner reached out to tell me she got some musicians.

But they flaked.

And there I was with 14 mins of material, all alone.

I made it to 30ish, but not well. I was unprepared for much more.

Then I realized, HELL! I’M IN A BAR! I started telling the dirty jokes I had.

The night went better.

But not much.