My TEFL Adventure begins!


My travel blog has opened!

Hope you like it. If I get enough feedback, I’ll keep it rolling!


Visa get!


My visa arrived today.

I leave next week.

The Travel blog will launch then. Be ready!

Flight is set.


I’m outta here on April 26th. Will arrive in Incheon around midnight on Friday.

It’s a shame that there seems to be some atmosphere of anti-education ’round here nowadays.

Teacher’s classroom expenses deductions? GONE.

Teacher’s pension? REDUCED!

Teacher’s school loan forgiveness programs? GONE.

So. Me?







Had the details of my visa application hammered out with my new boss last night, and submitted today.

Words can’t expre…  Actually, I think they’ll have to.

I expect to be in Korea before months end.

Since I have my spiffy new camera arriving today, I will film an introductory video for my new travel blog. I hope you’re as excited to see it as I am to make it!



Fedex is flying to Korea now!


So I sent my paperwork to Korea yesterday. The shop is next door to my place of work, and its owner is one of my customers. He told me a story about one of the managers (One that’s kind of a dick to me.) Long story short, it’s not just me, he’s like that to others as well. (He and his wife both hate him.)

Ah well. Not my problem for much longer.

I know it’s kind of arrogant to think so, but I feel like the store will be losing out when I’m gone. Several customers have told me they only come to the store because of me.

( Not just my fans either. )

I digress.

TEFL Journey ahead!



I’m terribly excited.

I just got my TEFL certificates in hand (160-hour cert and Teaching English (to) Young Learners cert)

My FBI background check is on its way back to me (Then I have to send it all the way back to the right coast to be apostilled)

Once I have the dough, I need to order my apostilled diploma and a second copy of sealed transcripts.

And then the Letters of recommendation.

So it really seems to me that things are falling into place for me. I mean in a larger scope way as well. Check this out.

In school, I took some ed classes. which got me an in-class practicum worth 60 hours.

(that’s pretty good looking on a resume)

Then I worked for the University as an intern (for credits) that’s 100+ hours of edu-related goodness right there.

(also pretty good on a resume)

THEN, I started a low-key career as a stand-up comedian. I love it. But this whole going-abroad thing has it set to the wayside for the moment.

(Guess what? Being able to run a room looks pretty good on a resume too!)

I’m feelin’ it!




Back in the saddle!


Well, I’m back on the fast, and I’m working through the TEFL certification course a few bits a day.

I’m hangry, but I know it’ll go away when my body recognizes its feeding time.

I lose some good weight last time, and it didn’t bounce back all the way, so here’s to not being a fat bastard in 2018!