I can’t even


So, the day after Halloween, I was working my cashier job, and as usual, after a holiday, you ask did you have a good <INSERT HOLIDAY NAME HERE>?

I had this one old biddy, reply “I hate it and everything about it.”

Curious, I ask, “Did something happen?” because tragedy takes away holidays. My neice killed herself on st. paddy’s day, so that holiday is kind of dead to me. I get it. Really.

But she replies “I hate it because it’s the devils birthday” The utter conviction and faith in her voice was

…breathtakingly stupid.


Sometimes things happen that lower my expectations of humanity.

This was one of them.



Trump is an orange balloon inflated with hate.


So. I’m at my pay-the-bills-but-only-just-barely-and-sometimes-not-even-then job (grocery store cashier) and this old biddy comes through my line, her chest is sporting proudly a vote Trump sticker.

My store has a gas rewards thing, so if you put in your phone number, your purchase goes towards letting you get a discount on gas. So the customer puts in a phone number or swipes a club card, and et voila. points. When they do this, their name comes up on my screen.  This old lady’s name was Nina.


So I repeat her name to her, so she knows that the process worked.

And she gets nasty.

“My name is Nine-a I’m no damned Mexican!  (insert easily forgettable rant including illegal aliens etc.)

Mind you,  Me = Mexican

so, to prevent myself from saying something I’d regret, I said well to be fair, Nina could also (since she’s all white power, clearly) come from Germany or France (and is not uncommon there)

Then she says well “I’m American, not some damned immigrant.”

Does this evil old bitch not know that only the native Americans aren’t immigrants?

This is pretty demonstrative of how Trump supporters act, apparently. I was (un)lucky enough to experience it firsthand.

Yay me.