Show and Tell (part 2)


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Maddie’s heart thumped loudly in her ears. She had only seconds, and she knew it. The bed was too obvious. Only a noob would hide there. The louvred doors of the closet caught her eye. Without a second thought she slid them open silently and pressed herself behind her parents clothes, closing the doors behind her as she went.

The bedroom door opened with a near-silent click, and Eddie snuck in. He paused, ears straining to catch a clue as to her location.

    Ah! My feet!

Maddie looked around, grateful for the light that streamed in through the slats, casting a golden glow over her parent’s clothes. She thought about grabbing the bar and hoisting herself up, but discarded that idea because her hands would then be visible. Having spent the last few years taking Taekwondo, she was pretty agile for a ten-year-old.  Silently pulling herself up on the bar, she spread her legs and just managed to touch the sides of the closet. Shifting herself she let go of the bar and leaned back against the wall, confident that she was completely obscured from sight.


    Eddie had narrowed down the possible hiding spots to two rooms. His gut told him to check the bedroom first, and he had learned in his ten years, was that you always went with your gut. Pushing his glasses up with the tip of his index finger, he opened the door and crept inside, wincing as it clicked silently.

First, a token glance under the bed that dominated the center of the room. He knew Maddie wouldn’t have chosen such an obvious hiding place, but better safe than sorry.  Pausing, he cocked an ear, then walked around the bed, taking note of places that might contain his friend.

Feeling that he was being watched, he turned to the closet door and smiled.

“Gotcha, Mad.” He pulled open the doors in a flash, but didn’t find her.

Scrunching up his face, he hummed thoughtfully.

A sudden squeak of suprise and a thump made him spread the clothing apart. On the floor behind the clothes lay Maddie, half-inside a void in the closet wall that had suddenly opened.

“Owowowow, my butt!” Maddie rolled to her knees with a sulk, “You got me.”

“What’s with the wall, Mad?” Eddie leaned in for a better view.

“It’s too dark, hit the switch.”

Eddie flipped the switch, and to his surprise, not only did the closet light come on, but a second light, inside the mystery area.

“Ahmegershness. Ed. Get in here!” Came her voice from within.

Pressing inwards, The hidden panel revealed a further three feet of closet that had been sealed away. An illuminated stand dramatically lit two costumes displayed on the back wall, one in reinforced glistening black carbon fiber with utility belts with interesting gadgets, chunky armored boots and a tactical mask that looked like a skull.

The other was clearly feminine, resembling a cross between a Sci-Fi ninja and a tiger, complete with a cat ear headband. A display of weapons, both thrown and hand-to-hand, were displayed on the wall behind it.

Eddie stood there, slackjawed in amazement. He noticed another display, somewhat less prominent, off to the side which held an open photo album. Within, were photographs of four people in costume and news clippings, two of them, in the costumes displayed to his right, and another pair, The first looking much like a golden-age superhero, floating a good foot off of the floor beside the others, and the last, another woman who was strapped with a pair of pistols, numerous magazines of ammo on harnesses, and had an unusual looking helmet.

“Mad? Am I crazy or is this my dad?” He placed his finger on the floating man.

Muscling her way in to get a closer look, she gasped. The resemblance was uncanny, despite the half-mask that obscured his face.

The two of them flipped through the book, and saw the four costumed people doing more and more unlikely things.  Stopping an alien invasion, A giant badger, crushing a drug cartel, a handful of supervillains.

Maddie grabbed the book, “Cmon. Back to my room. I think we just might have the best Show-and-Tell ever.”


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