The leprechaun tugged on his curly beard and furrowed his brows. “Well,” he began slowly. “I’m hearing ya, but I’m going to need a bit more to go on.”  He raised a hand and snapped his fingers to draw Ramon’s attention.

Glancing over to Gilligan’s extended hand, the world exploded in bright lights as the little man sucker punched him with a right cross. Staggering, he shook the stars from his eyes and fell back into a fighting stance

“Little man, you stepped over a line.”

“Oi!” lightning speed punches punctuated Gilligan’s speech, “I am not, nor ever have been, a man. I’m Folk. Don’t make that mistake again.”

Ramon, completely stunned by the swift attack by the leprechaun, swung wildly and attempted to put some space between the two of them, but lost track of him, and spun to get him back in his sights.

“Here it comes.” Gilligan shouted, popping up into an uppercut, but the decisive punch never landed, as Ramon staggered to the left, and instead carried him past his target.

Ramon planted a foot into Gilligan’s back and kicked him, tumbling to the ground. He spat blood and advanced on his target, who had tumbled to his feet, rather than staying down.

“Once again!” the leprechaun advanced on Ramon. The two of them exchanged blows back and forth for minutes, but no real damage was done on either side. Every few attacks, Gilligan would try some outlandish move which either missed outright, or was foiled by something in the environment.

Finally a look of understanding dawned on Gilligan’s face. He  ducked lower and sped up his attacks, breaking  Ramon’s defense utterly, sending him to the floor, where he weakly tried to stand, before giving in.

“Well,” Gilligan started, as he leaned over Ramon, “I think I know what’s going on here.”

“So clue me the fuck in and start with why I just got my ass beat,” Ramon gasped.

“So,” Gilligan said, offering a hand. “You’re being blocked. Maybe a curse. Not sure. You’ll have to have that looked into. Not my specialty”

Ramon took the offered hand and rose unsteadily.


“Yeah. Whoever did it half-assed the job, though. Your luck is so powerful that it skewed every single lucky attack I threw. Any one of them would KO an Ogre, so It’s clearly keeping you alive in emergencies, but can’t be used directly.

“That’s bad,” Ramon gingerly ran his tongue around in his mouth to find wounds. “It sure as shit didn’t save me from a whoopin.”

“Don’t think so hard on it. C’mon, I have some whiskey that needs drinking.”

Ramon grunted and followed the leprechaun inside the rear door of his cabin.


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