Carb free pizza! (mostly)


My brother Travis (author of the new series Names of Power) hooked me up with a recipe for carb free pizza. (‘cos I’m a fatty, and he cares about my health)

It is surprisingly awesome!

2 cups of grated cauliflower + 2 cups of low moisture mozzarella (that’s one of the 8 oz bags) + 2 eggs and Italian seasonings.

(I let the cauliflower dry out a bit under a fan for a few hours because otherwise it’s a bit wet when fully cooked.)

Mix em up. Put on parchment paper and then on a pizza tray, smooshed as thin as you can get it while filling the entire pan evenly.

(I also blotted some moisture out with a few paper towels before cooking.)

gets you this:


Bake for 15 mins at 450 degrees.

Gets you this:


remove parchment, Add toppings. Bake until the edges get nice and brown, cheese is melty, and toppings look done.

Gets you this:



Eat up.

Let me know if you like it.



2 thoughts on “Carb free pizza! (mostly)

  1. I’ve made some improvements to the recipe to produce a more crispy crust. Sub in 1 cup Parm for one of the cups of Mozzarella. Also, and this is the time saver, rather than leaving the processed cauli out for a couple of hours, once you process it, wrap it in a clean, non-terrycloth dish towel (so the cauli won’t stick in the fabric), then wrap that in a terrycloth towel (for greater water absorption). Press, readjust, press, readjust, press, for a couple of minutes to squeeze out the excess water. I find this almost completely eliminates the cauliflower flavor as well. So much better!

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