Transit queen (Now Edited!)


**Now that I’ve been home, I was able to edit it, and insert it  where it belongs.**


As Nancy flew around the decrepit building, the bitter, acrid scent of insects grew stronger. Turning the corner, she stopped and gaped. Behind the building was a train platform where one did not belong. The station was a cleverly crafted facade, which included lampposts which glowed a dull green, as if someone had transplanted a giant firefly’s abdomen in place of light bulbs.

Behind the barred service windows, dark figures moved, but the light from without did not quite reveal their forms. For this, Nancy was grateful, as she suspected that things had just gone from a simple in and out mission to something much more involved.

Flitting to the roof, she took a second, more careful look at the situation. The platform was crafted cleverly from the same resin as the bus stops they had investigated, and so deserved a wide berth, lest she become affected by the pheromone cloud which had so quickly taken Boy out of the fight earlier. A schedule board caught her eye, listing a long string of towns and times, which would normally inform travelers of arrival and departure times, but something seemed off. 

Focusing on the words, they writhed momentarily, informing her that there was some sort of glamour disguising something underneath. By nature, pixies were beings of glamour, and were unlikely to be fooled by it for long. Flexing her will against it, the illusion snapped, revealing long scrolling lines of epithets of the foulest nature, an unclean feeling crept over her after scanning a few. What struck her as odd though, was that the sentences were written in both English and the Vulgar Tongue, the language of demons. While she didn’t understand it herself, she recognized its sharp edges and hooked forms, which always reminded her of claws and horns.


‘Yeah, that’s not a good sign.’ Nancy chewed her lip and scowled.

‘Literally.’ She leaped into the air once more with silently flapping wings and continued her examination of the building, so that she could return to the others and begin the extraction.


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