A (mis)quote.


The brain is the only thing to have named itself.

Further whenever we discuss the brain it’s always “It’s the most complex and amazing thing ever.”

That’s that arrogant assed brain telling you that. What Ego!

                  –Anna Ptaszynski(Misquoted, sorry)


Homeopathy, a billion dollar sham


Let me offer this video as sort of a preparation for my inevitable rant. Firtstly who is this old guy?

It’s the Amazing Randi. He’s a conjurer. He’s not the guy who leaves things mysterious, and implies what he does is real magic. Why? Because he’s taken it on himself to debunk fraudsters and shams who would prey on the gullible (And there are a LOT of gullible people out there. If you doubt that, you might be one of them.) He’s even offered a million dollars to the first person who can prove without a shadow of a doubt the existence of supernatural powers or abilities. (He’s never had to pay, BTW)

>The Video!<<

Now my rant.

My lovely Daughter, Elyza has a cough and congestion, so I went Walmart to get something for her. After perusing the shelves, I found that nothing looked exactly like what I need, so I approached the pharmacy and asked the pharmacist, about my problem. one of them said they couldn’t recommend products, but the other (there were two behind the counter) suggested that I purchase one of a variety of homeopathic quackery. I stopped her there and asked why would she suggest I buy something that does nothing? She retorts “Well some people feel that…”

I began seeing red. My daughter’s health will NEVER be determined by some gullible fools belief. Only proven and well acknowledged science.

I began berating her as a medical professional offering placebo effects in place of actual medicine. She ought to be ashamed of herself. What if a parent feeds these nonsense pills to their beloved child and expect them to get well?

What if they get worse? (I expect they might, because these sugar pills do nothing)

This is like those idiots who refuse treatment in favor of prayer.

But this is my gripe:

Walmart trains their pharmacists to peddle this shit. . Forcing medical professionals who ought to know better to peddle nostrums to people who do not know better, to take their money because they don’t actually have a medicine, but BY GOD, they’re gonna take your money one way or another.

That ought to be criminal.

In fact, it might well be.

For shame, Walmart.





An awesome find!


So, I had lost the partial manuscript that was

The NecroNomNomNomicon: A Recipe for War

in the tragic death of my old computer.

But it was discovered hiding in the Netherlands by a long-time friend and beta reader, Robbin Van Der Ven. He sent it back my way, and I read it, for the first time in years.

Now, to fully explain the situation, I need to back up a few decades.

I was …. maybe thirteen or fourteen. And my father was completely and utterly drunk. (not uncommon) He decided that I needed to go to the grocery store and buy some food. My father was not one to tolerate back-talk. (any disagreement was back-talk when he was drunk.) And I needed to take my brother’s bike (his call). It had broken handlebars that would flip down, so riding it was tricky at best.

On the way, I had come across a big buckle in the cement of the sidewalk, and the broken bike decided to get all wonky at that exact moment. End result, I skidded along the sidewalk, on my head. When I woke up, I staggered into the grocery store, covered in blood. I was still groggy, and recall that when I asked someone for help (soccer mom with child in tow) they screamed in terror, grabbed the child and fled. This caused a teenaged employee to appear, look at me, freak out, grab and throw me into a display of… I think cereal and run off to call an ambulance.

This accident damaged my memory. Long term memory is iffy for me at best. A good example of this is:

My brother Travis took me to see a movie. I don’t even remember what it was anymore. Just that it was awesome. I called him the next day asking him if he’d seen it.

Pretty embarrassing.

Here’s the good that came from this accident:

Sometimes I forget what I’ve written.

This is helpful sometimes, because when a writer goes through the never-ending loop of edits and revision, one can become blind to ones mistakes, because you’ve been over it a bajillion times already. But me? Sometimes it’s like reading it for the first time all over.

This just happened to me.. again. I was reading the partial book 3, and seriously got the chills from a pretty dramatic fight scene. It was freakin’ sweet.

That’s an awesome feeling.

Shame I had to sacrifice big wodges of my childhood to get it.