So. Some of you may have read my post a few days ago about good old Nine-a.

I’m so very disappointed.

I’m Brown. Of the bean. A messkin.

Trump has made no effort to hide his distaste for us (but love of taco salads!) And it doesn’t matter to people like Nine-a that my Grandpa came to the ‘murica to fight in WWII for us. He was part of the heroics that made us  great. To her he’s just a damned immigrant (nevermind the fact that unless your a Native American, you’re an immigrant)

Us brown folks had it bad enough, now it’s just going to get worse.

So much worse.

I wish more people had given Johnson a chance.

A good friend of mine, a lovely lady named Charlie , only ever saw those gaffes and not the fact that he is very qualified and actually looks out for the common man. Sorry Charley. We both lose.


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