So, I was in my disguise as a run-of-the-mill Cashier, trying my best to be cheerful and helpful. I’m running the express lane, and sweep this young girl through quickly. As I’m wrapping up with her, I turn and look at the next guy and say “Howdy!” as is my wont.

At that point I hear “Fifteen.”

I stopped and turned to her, unsure of what to say. I eventually say “Congratulations, But I just asked this fella Howdy, because it would be creepy if I asked random underage girl her age.”

She got embarrassed, and said “Oh, I’m sorry im.. uh. .. hard of hearing.”

I smiled and let her trail off and split, soda and candy clutched to her chest.

Now, ok. awkward, right?

This is the second time almost the exact same thing happened to me. (she was sixteen last time)

Maybe I mumble. I know sometimes I speak too fast.

C’mon girls! Use some context!  You don’t want any of this greying old fat man.

Now If one of them says “twentysomething”….



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