Fan art!


I just happened that I’ve had some Fan art submissions, and wanted to open it up for everyone.

So, the best three submissions I get will go into book 2, and the winners will get mentions in the acknowledgements section of the book as well, but all submissions will be posted here, on my blog.

And the #1 choice will receive a signed copy of one of my proofs of book one (only four were made!)

Deadline is December 16th


Changed the deadline to DEC 31st.






Apparently, I have two separate people who are trying to get my book noticed by the movie industry.  One in Traditional Movies, the other in Animation.

I really could use some movie money! Even is they aren’t blockbusters, it would

1)let me pay off my debts and

2) bring more interest in my writing.

But I think I could pull off being rich. I could put all my time into writing, instead of sneaking off to get a little done here and there.

Fingers crossed.

Signing event!


So I posted before about my Signing event at the Lovecraft Bar in Portland, Or (Dec 17th.)

Here’s the Facebook page for the venue.

But what I’m becoming excited about is that it might be a release special! I might have book 2 for release at the event! Just need another pass through it and a cover.

Who wants to see book two?

Shout out!

p.s.  It’s a goth bar.  be over 21 and wear blaaaaack,blackety-black black. Black.

(minors can meet me outside before the event, and I’ll sign for you then.)




So. Some of you may have read my post a few days ago about good old Nine-a.

I’m so very disappointed.

I’m Brown. Of the bean. A messkin.

Trump has made no effort to hide his distaste for us (but love of taco salads!) And it doesn’t matter to people like Nine-a that my Grandpa came to the ‘murica to fight in WWII for us. He was part of the heroics that made us  great. To her he’s just a damned immigrant (nevermind the fact that unless your a Native American, you’re an immigrant)

Us brown folks had it bad enough, now it’s just going to get worse.

So much worse.

I wish more people had given Johnson a chance.

A good friend of mine, a lovely lady named Charlie , only ever saw those gaffes and not the fact that he is very qualified and actually looks out for the common man. Sorry Charley. We both lose.



So, I was in my disguise as a run-of-the-mill Cashier, trying my best to be cheerful and helpful. I’m running the express lane, and sweep this young girl through quickly. As I’m wrapping up with her, I turn and look at the next guy and say “Howdy!” as is my wont.

At that point I hear “Fifteen.”

I stopped and turned to her, unsure of what to say. I eventually say “Congratulations, But I just asked this fella Howdy, because it would be creepy if I asked random underage girl her age.”

She got embarrassed, and said “Oh, I’m sorry im.. uh. .. hard of hearing.”

I smiled and let her trail off and split, soda and candy clutched to her chest.

Now, ok. awkward, right?

This is the second time almost the exact same thing happened to me. (she was sixteen last time)

Maybe I mumble. I know sometimes I speak too fast.

C’mon girls! Use some context!  You don’t want any of this greying old fat man.

Now If one of them says “twentysomething”….


Trump is an orange balloon inflated with hate.


So. I’m at my pay-the-bills-but-only-just-barely-and-sometimes-not-even-then job (grocery store cashier) and this old biddy comes through my line, her chest is sporting proudly a vote Trump sticker.

My store has a gas rewards thing, so if you put in your phone number, your purchase goes towards letting you get a discount on gas. So the customer puts in a phone number or swipes a club card, and et voila. points. When they do this, their name comes up on my screen.  This old lady’s name was Nina.


So I repeat her name to her, so she knows that the process worked.

And she gets nasty.

“My name is Nine-a I’m no damned Mexican!  (insert easily forgettable rant including illegal aliens etc.)

Mind you,  Me = Mexican

so, to prevent myself from saying something I’d regret, I said well to be fair, Nina could also (since she’s all white power, clearly) come from Germany or France (and is not uncommon there)

Then she says well “I’m American, not some damned immigrant.”

Does this evil old bitch not know that only the native Americans aren’t immigrants?

This is pretty demonstrative of how Trump supporters act, apparently. I was (un)lucky enough to experience it firsthand.

Yay me.