After much pulling of hair and gnashing of teeth, the cover is corrected! Going to press!


A movie?


I have been asked by my readers either  If I was going to make my novel into a movie or when I was going to do so.

I admit, with the physical humor and action, my novel lends itself well to film. Perhaps animation, but it’s not my specialty subject.

I wonder how I would go about getting it started? I admit the thought is pretty exciting.

I’m having a particularly great week


…which is a rare thing for me.

The dealing with Createspace and Bowkers for my book has been quite illuminating. Not only have I taken a crash-course in the industry, I feel like it has given me a bit more confidence when asked questions.

That and I ordered a few books for proofs. (going to give them away) Quite excited to see them!

I hope I can get them into Albertsons. Also, as I worked for Barnes & Noble, I’d really like to do a signing (or two) at a B&N.

I’d like to ride this good feeling for another few weeks at least.

Indubitably Press



My brother, Travis and I have opened doors on Indubitably Press recently.

My novel The NecroNomNomNomicon: Cookbook of the Dead will be our flagship title, with more forthcoming.

Be looking for Travis’s books, they’re extremely funny. (Think  Were-Weinerdogs)