Common sense?


I find it ironic that the press and politicians have started to cling to the phrase “Common Sense” as a way to influence the ignorant masses.

I think one of a few things:

1) They really have no idea what it means.


b) They know what it means and hope the masses do not.

(Yes, I’m aware I mixed up the list types. I roll like that.)

Common sense, if we look at it objectively, has a specific meaning, and we should break it down to clarify it.

Common. Ok, where are we going with this? Common implies something that everyone should share. However, its true meaning is in that the “common folk” (often called the unwashed masses, or many more disparaging things.) so we move to…

Sense. This implies logic or a feeling of understanding.

so common sense simply means  what the common folk believe is right, which by DEFINITION means what the un/under educated people believe.  This is sort of a backhanded compliment to those who hold these beliefs, if you think about it.

Common sense gun control is neither common nor sensical.  It plays off of the masses fear and lack of education to push for gun control.

What’s Ironic is one of the authors of a big gun control bill, being in a position to propose laws (ostensibly for us) didn’t realize that you could reload magazines. She imagined that once you used them, they’re done. (and heaven forbid that you explain that you can reload spent ammunition!)

This kind of ignorance is infectious. It pushes an ideology down the throats of those who don’t know any better. If you keep telling someone something is right, even when it isn’t, eventually they’ll start believing the lies.

And that’s when they become the truth.

I am a mixture of fury and sadness over this.



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