The best holiday gifts are…


Signed books!

Specifically books from Indubitably Press!

Indubitably Press

One in 3 orders will get a little somethin’ somethin’ extra.**

Both The NecroNomNomNomicon and Names of Power series are fun romps of adventure, and make an excellent addition to your bookshelves!

** The extra swag and autographs are only valid on orders direct from myself or Travis.


On a Role!


On a Role Roll.

My Brother Travis, author of the awesome Names of Power series is working on book three of that series, and it’s pretty snappy, if a bit rough. It’s a hoot seeing him write some of my characters into his series. (both of our series share the same world)

Meanwhile in the lab, I’m also working on my book three. The kid gloves are finally off, and things are gonna get dark. Lovin’ it.

Trunk or Treat is Killing Halloween


My favorite holiday is slowly dying in favor of walking downtown and collecting from businesses.


Nearly every house on my block was lit up and decorated for Halloween when I moved in fifteen years ago. There was a steady stream of trick-or-treaters from an hour before sundown until nine o’clock. Every year since then fewer houses have been accepting decorating, and to matters worse, every year we also see fewer trick-or-treaters. This year we had a grand total of five groups of trick-or-treaters approach our door. Probably no more than twelve total children.

I know kids didn’t stop liking candy. So, where did they all go? They went to the many Trunk or Treat events all over the city. Churches and other community groups set up these events in their parking lots and draw in all of the neighborhood children, leaving the families with Halloween spirit with full buckets of candy in their entryway. I, myself, had three gallons of candy left over this year.

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Violence and acceptance


So, in book three, there’s an absurd amout of violence. The protagonists are forced to kill or be killed, and I’m not happy about it.

I’m writing in a much darker style, which I suppose is necissary, since in this part of the series, things get more Lovecraftian. My main trouble is that the protags are beginning to suffer PTSD. They are (mostly) normal kids, so yeah, having to fight for your life is kind of a life-altering event.

I need to get them past the PTSD, or at least far enough from it so they can still relate to reality (which is kind of off at the moment, really) the obvious cure is a particular weiner dog that Boy knows.

However, this is something I can work with, for Althea. She is a broken girl, with a bad case of demonic taint.

I’m considering making that a much more involved part of the plot, since there’s a cure coming. The demonic energy doesn’t want to be cleansed, and might make her take flight to preserve itself.

I can’t even


So, the day after Halloween, I was working my cashier job, and as usual, after a holiday, you ask did you have a good <INSERT HOLIDAY NAME HERE>?

I had this one old biddy, reply “I hate it and everything about it.”

Curious, I ask, “Did something happen?” because tragedy takes away holidays. My neice killed herself on st. paddy’s day, so that holiday is kind of dead to me. I get it. Really.

But she replies “I hate it because it’s the devils birthday” The utter conviction and faith in her voice was

…breathtakingly stupid.


Sometimes things happen that lower my expectations of humanity.

This was one of them.