I’m here!


Wo0oOo, what an adventure!

Let me get a weeks worth of photos and videos so I can make a first good post for my travel blog,

One day to go!


So, today I’m driving to Beaverton to exchange the coin of the realm for Korean Won. My bags are packed (And I hope I don’t have to unpack/repack again)

Then early tomorrow morning, I get to go to PDX and fly to LA, where I have a little more than a 5-hour layover before flying to Incheon.

A few minor things to take care of, and I’m good to go.



The NecroNomNomNomicon has new art!


And you can have it as well!

This is The Bansheep and Boy by Aric Whelan, 2018 digital.

You can have a copy of it  12×18 on heavy stock for just 15$ plus 5$ shipping

If you’d like it autographed, I’m working with the artist on it now. I expect it will be an additional 5$

For Inquiries, please email me at profporkchop@gmail.com with the subject line “bansheep”

Additional art is coming as well, which I’ll be offering on the same terms.



Hey, Your Writing Sucks


Memoir of a Writer

Let me explain.

When I first decided to pursue writing seriously (as in put my all into something that might not give me any return) all I wanted was someone to tell me that I was making the right decision. I didn’t know if I was good enough at writing to make it my career choice.

My entire way of thinking was wrong, but I’ll get back to that.

What I actually needed was someone to tell me my writing sucked. Because it did, and hey sometimes if I’m in a hurry it still does. (I’ve had to delete a few blog posts due to my hastiness.)

Pretending someone is better at something than they are is detrimental to their growth, especially while learning a craft. My biggest pet peeve in workshops are when people are so nice that the person whose work is getting critiqued thinks that their work…

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Flight is set.


I’m outta here on April 26th. Will arrive in Incheon around midnight on Friday.

It’s a shame that there seems to be some atmosphere of anti-education ’round here nowadays.

Teacher’s classroom expenses deductions? GONE.

Teacher’s pension? REDUCED!

Teacher’s school loan forgiveness programs? GONE.

So. Me?